The biggest Bitcoin robbery, 60 million dollars stolen from a famous mining site

The biggest Bitcoin robbery
The biggest Bitcoin robbery

This is shocking news for many, but that’s what happened! A large amount of currency has been stolen with a value of tens of millions of dollars. The figure at this article is close to $ 60 million, and of course this number is likely to increase if the value of the coded currency rises!

The mining site of NiceHash is one of the famous mining sites, where a number of people gather together to mine the encrypted currency together, which calls for massive computing power to extract one new composition, and of course ultimately it benefits those who maintain it.

But – because of a security breach – the site suddenly lost a large amount of currency configuration, we are talking here about the amount of approaching four thousand composition!

nicehash service unavailable
nicehash service unavailable

The site itself said that it had completely stopped working for 24 hours – and the site is still suspended until the time of writing – and is currently working to know the exact number of stolen quantity of the coin composition, all the figures so far are likely, although they are informal and uncertain.

The site team confirmed that they had done all necessary procedures to inform the authorities concerned, and using all possible legal forces to make this matter now their highest priority. The team stressed that all users should change their password in case of any other possible risks.

The problems encountered by the site during the past few days brought with it many complaints and alerts by the mining operators through it, who blew up the social networking pages of the site with many horrifying comments.

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By the time of writing, of course, the value is now $ 17485.01, according to coindesk, which monitors and tracks the value of the oldest encrypted currency, which is surprising given the value of the same currency, which was less than $ 1,000 at the beginning of the year!

The site’s staff posted a live broadcast on the social networking site Facebook, where they thanked all their subscribers, claiming that the site has already paid its users about $ 1 billion since its inception and until now, that the site has already been targeted, Fierce by someone wants to drop them, calling all participants to support them in this matter.

The team also explained the time and how to break the incident with confirmation that they are seeking more details behind how this breakthrough, which the team described as having been thoroughly coordinated.

The team also confirmed that it is fully aware that all participants are anxious to know the fate of their funds deposited on the site and the possibility of their recovery, with the assurance that they have all the necessary reports about the penetration process, and follow up the major transfers that have been made to reach and perhaps recover money stolen, but this will take a lot Of time! Which, of course, has met with tons of comments between awe, cynicism, frustration and support.

It is noteworthy that the currency of “Bitcoin” is the oldest cryptocurrency, began to appear in 2009 by a person or an unknown group of people under the name “Satoshi Nakamoto“, and characterized by the absence of any central authority on them, and free of the complexities of routine with the ability to Making remittances instantaneous and at a cost that is almost negligible, if any, and witnessed a tremendous rise during 2017 alone, making it the most modern time in the world as a whole!


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