Seven steps to solve problems followed by the most successful people

Seven steps to solve problems followed by the most successful people
Seven steps to solve problems followed by the most successful people

“Problem Solving” Is a thing everyone should do. The big advantage of the right methodology is to solve the problem by taking a series of steps that can lead to the result you need. The following steps can actually help you to address any problem you are experiencing. They are, of course, general steps, not specific problems. It relies on the principles of dynamic processing of the case so you can find the most appropriate solution. Depending on the situation you’re experiencing, you can skip some steps but it’s important to make sure they can be applied before they’re excluded. Of course, the more aspects and steps, the more tools needed to build the solution.

1. Identify the actual problem

Sometimes you think you see the problem but something else happens. This is a simple example: when you wait for a late check from a company, and you are angry with the responsible official, assume that the company did not pay you deliberately, while the company claims that the payment has been successful. The problem clearly indicates that the company did not fulfill its promise, but a moment; there may be a problem with the postal service, or the check may have been sent successfully but stolen from your mailbox. Here the confusion in the subject when making assumptions, will not reach the actual problem, and therefore will not be able to solve the problem.

2 – divide your problem into several parts

The conventional error lies in not recognizing the real problem as we mentioned earlier. But in the division you have a lot of things to see. To return to the above example: You can specify the stages of sending the check to you. You may find that it was sent correctly from the office of the company. The mail was also forwarded by the mail service and you reached the correct address that was successfully registered. However, the last two digits of your postal address were replaced by one error of the people in the chain within the company.

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3. Study the past well

We often address our problems independently of any other events, and this is a common mistake. What is happening today may relate to past experiences. When needed, it is necessary to go back to the past to address the crux of the problem, not our obvious symptoms.

4. Identify the persons concerned

Most problems involve many people who are directly or indirectly related to the problem. Knowing and identifying people is a crucial step in solving the problem. I agree with you, some of the topics that are routine, as in the previous example, it is difficult to identify all the people concerned, but there are inevitably at least key people can be identified. If you can actually reach, identify and talk with them, here’s the beginning of solving the problem, because they’ll lead you to anonymous people in the chain, at least you can identify the supervisors in each chain.

5. Who benefits?

Journalists say “follow the money” to understand the story. There are often advantages and disadvantages of having several people in a problem. Ask yourself whether there is a common interest or relationship between your problem and a benefit for a person involved.

6. Look for possible solutions

Now that you’ve divided and analyzed the parts and studied the people, it’s time to find possible solutions. Do not control things and do not go out of one of the previous factors from the beginning, think through the brainstorming┬ásession, everything is permissible at this stage.

7 – Write the pros and cons and choose the solution that suits you best

Once you have completed your list of solutions, consider the pros and cons. Be as specific and clear as you can, as if you are now testing and choosing the best solutions available. Remember that each solution has a cost. The solution may be by making a phone call, or it may be more important and higher in cost, such as accepting a reduction in the amount owed to you for immediate access to the balance of your outstanding debts.

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Yes, the solutions available vary depending on the situation, and you always have to choose what you can live with and accept, but sometimes you may have to accept the worst solutions and address them because they are the ultimate solution.


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