15 Steps done by successful entrepreneurs

15 Steps done by successful entrepreneurs
15 Steps done by successful entrepreneurs

The most influential entrepreneurs themselves are like assets, working to invest their future through continuous learning and self improvement.

If you are looking to become a better entrepreneur than you are, and in order to grow your business successfully, you must devote your time and energies to developing your daily habits.

Here are 15 steps that many leading entrepreneurs are allowing time in their busy daily schedules:

1- Eat your breakfast.

To provide the best performance you need your body to fuel, instead of having a cup of coffee on your way to the office, stop for a few minutes, even if you hurry and breakfast.

2- Plan your day.

Make your daily program and prioritize your first work in the morning. If you find that your production is better at a certain time of the day, devote these hours to work that requires calm and focus, for example, the best morning working hours, so I devote at least 90 minutes to write before I start my daily work. During that time, set short breaks throughout the day for a light healthy meal to maintain your energy.

3 – Do not check your email as you wake up.

It’s hard not to open your mobile phone and lose your messages on your first morning. This often distracts you from the work you want to focus on at the beginning of the day. Try to wait until 9 or 10 am to check your mail, You’ve completed at least one of the tasks on your agenda. If you’re working on an important project, try not to check your email more than three times a day.

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4. Remember your goal.

Take a few moments at the beginning of each business day to remind yourself of your company’s goals. Think about your main customers and identify your most profitable business areas. Sometimes we dive into the details of everyday tasks and forget what brings us happiness and profitability.

5. Break up your tasks.

We live in a world that sanctifies multitasking, and unfortunately when you have a lot of continuous work in a tight time that may be distracted by provinces and unimportant imperfections. So to be productive and effective, set your priorities and mandate when you can, and try to focus.

6. Imagine.

This may seem silly, but close your eyes and imagine success, imagine how you will feel when you achieve your goals. Imagination is a powerful tool that helps you keep your ambitions burning and also helps shape a picture of the goal you want to achieve. For example, At your desk table!

7 – Say no.

Entrepreneurs are especially anxious to accept all the opportunities offered to them. In any case, not all opportunities are beneficial to you or your business. Time is our precious commodity, so be selective about the business you approve.

8. Evaluate your time.

Unlike money, time is a non-renewable resource, simply “there is no way to produce more time” and maintained it. Eliminate things that are most important to you and your company and avoid distraction as much as possible.
If you attend a meeting or meeting online or face-to-face, be clear about the beginning and end of the meeting. If someone asks you to meet or consult you, try asking questions that will be asked in advance so that you can do research right away.

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9. Delegate persons.

At the beginning of my work I thought I could save money and do everything myself, and then I realized that the small tasks kept me away from the work that had the biggest role in achieving most of the income for my business. I always felt tired. When you sink into work and can not find a solution, hire someone to help.

10. Listen.

Be conscious when you talk to your colleagues or your staff, take your time to fully understand what the other person is saying. The managers who listen are those who largely avoid misunderstanding and do not have to ask for clarification later.

11. Be thankful.

Make sure you always be thankful for all the opportunities that have come to you and all the things you have accomplished so far. Reminding yourself of your previous successes will keep you at the top of concentration, attendance and productivity.

12 – Stay away from your office and move here and there.

Did you know that long sitting is no different than smoking with a drink? Mobility and bending on the office may harm your health. Studies suggest that these habits increase the risk of diabetes, disability, heart disease, obesity and various types of cancer. In any case you can devote some time to movement during the day.
Give yourself a few minutes, get up from your chair, and practice some movements that give you activity almost every hour, that’s good for your body and your brain.

13. Breathe deeply.

Many people take a short breath. So, almost every hour, stay away from your desk, take a deep breath ten times. This short break and oxygen-enhanced air will energize and boost your next task.

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14. Take a break for lunch.

Get out of your office and have lunch elsewhere. If you can not be lost up to one minute away from your work place during the day, make your hour a means of communication, schedule lunch meetings during the week with your primary customers, colleagues or friends.

15. Clean your office.

At the end of each day, remove the chaos that pervades your office. Set your pencils aside, arrange piles of scattered paper and adjust the rest of the objects. A neat desk will give you a comfortable start to your next day, and will not make you drown in the work of the last day!


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