The Story behind 404 – Error “Page not Found”

The Story behind 404 page not found
The Story behind 404 page not found

404 Page not Found

There is no error code is popular than the 404 error code, but it can be said that the popularity of this code compete with the popularity of Facebook and YouTube, and this popularity is proportional to the expansion and spread of the Internet, and the multiplicity of pages continued day by day, has reached the reputation of 404 code to the extent that made it an integral part From popular culture to Internet users around the world. It has become used in jokes. It has been printed on shirts, cups and office equipment. Some may even enlarge it and place it in the living room as a form of decorating and decorating houses.

A 404 error for those who do not know, the inability of the Internet browser to find the page , the error is due to the deletion by the owner, or the existence of a code error in the program, and regardless of the story behind this error, which we will review, It is not the end of the world as some people think, but this error indicates that our Internet-based lives are somehow threatened. In the end, the Internet is no more than a human invention, just like the rest of the world. Primitive or modern human inventions, are susceptible to error At some point in time, the modern civilization we have built over the past years is a huge 404 error.

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Facts indicate that the beginning of the spread of 404 error and the knowledge of people coincided with the beginning of the new millennium. The irrigated story about the origin of the error indicates that 404 was referring to the room number that contained the first server known to humans to serve the Internet, the European Organization for Nuclear Research ) In Switzerland, and this room was also the headquarters of the office of the creator of the World Wide Web known as WWW, Tim Berners-Lee.

The story goes on to say that the secret to choosing this figure lies in Tim Lee’s inability to find his office among the hundreds of offices at CERN. So, a 404 was chosen to indicate that the web page was not found, but is this story actually the truth?

The answer to Robert Callio was one of Tim Lee’s co-authors of the hypertext structure, which eventually led to the creation of the Web or the Internet. When asked about the origin of a 404 selection to prove the error of a web page, The story has no place of truth.

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“The human race tends to believe superstitions and fairy tales more than it seeks to find the truth, especially in the case of lack of data availability,” following Keelio on the secret of the spread of this story, which everyone is talking about the origin of the 404 error code.

He said he was not indifferent to the importance of choosing a particular number to identify an error, regardless of the error. He stressed that he saw no particular significance for this mistake other than the desire of people to create an addition to popular cultures related to the modernity provided by the Internet, The choice of numbers to express errors was originally due to the desire of the first two Internet developers not to waste time writing lengthy sentences or compound phrases that indicated a mistake because of the lack of time available on the one hand and the difficulty with older programming tools, Brother ratio DONC in this period. Therefore, use the numbers as an indication of errors.

As for the choice of 404 specifically, there was no reason other than to choose the early developers to start the numbering of errors from the number 400, and the error “Page not found” in the fourth ranking of these errors. So simply? Yes, so simply, the number has no relation to a relative or distant by any legends, offices or room of the CERN labs.

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But this fact, which we are now well aware of, will not prevent the spread of 404 culture, and will not limit its exploitation, which has led to the creation of many sites for its presentation formats, such as the Pixar site, which chose to put a picture of a young girl crying, “Do not cry … , And the site of Bloomberg, who choose to put a moving picture showing someone slapping his computer strongly, and the site of the Tumblr who wanted to exploit the error 404 to create a state of communication by choosing the words “There is nothing here … What you are trying to reach is not in this address, but I was looking for the wrong page, in which case we will bless you to find it. ”

Describe how you feel dear reader every time you are surprised by a 404 error … How many times do you encounter this error every day?


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