The three major digital trends on 2018

The three major digital trends on 2018

2018 is expected to witness the continued trend of companies and institutions and individuals to adopt digital solutions both at home and companies, and this trend is not only prevalent in the Western World, but also in the Gulf and Arab countries.

There are 3 major trends in 2018 that will be highlighted during the upcoming calendar year:

Artificial intelligence

Optimized, intuitive and accessible, the future of artificial intelligence seems bright.

From chat robots to robots, which can sense emotions through tone and facial expressions, artificial intelligence will soon begin to determine how we work in concert with technology, how we get data and use it in our daily operations. As it will revolutionize the way large enterprises interact with data on a large scale.

With devices that can simply ask what we want to do, artificial intelligence is expected to give up keyboards.

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Ads on social media

With more than 1 billion social media users around the world advertising will pay on Facebook Ads and companies will be eliminating traditional marketing techniques and engaging in logical analytics to digital payment systems.

As the ability to identify and narrow the target audience correctly, communication, access and immediate involvement will invest in advertising to prestigious centers.


While text ads still have an impact, trends over the past years have shown that users tend to be more interested in content that includes videos.

Visual stimulation of videos is not comparable to textual stimulation and is likely to leave a lasting impression on a person’s mind. The video can also deliver a message more effectively than the text. Expanding the text does not make the text good, and the concise text may not be easy to understand.

The previous trends are subject to change with the ever-evolving nature of the digital world. But the only thing certain is that the technical world and its developments will never cease to astonish us.

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