The dark side of Silicon Valley

The dark side of Silicon Valley
The dark side of Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley, the capital of technology on the planet, where the major technology companies there change this world every moment and every second. No one can deny the important role played by this valley in this age, and it seems to the follower of things that it controls everything.

The work at Silicon Valley is one of the things that everyone who has a little bit of vision is looking for. If you are one of these people, you have to look back on what seems to be today. We will introduce you to a range of the disadvantages of working and living in Silicon Valley, You are just a normal citizen of the inhabitants of this region of the world.

No family life

Starting a family life is one of the most difficult things, especially if you are working in a regular job with a regular pay scale. “Any $ 100,000 or less a year” The vast amount of wealth in the area has raised house prices very much and made everything prohibitively expensive , You live in the Silicon Valley area and you must be one of those wealthy people who got their money easily by sitting behind the computer and must be stolen in any way possible. For example, if you ask a nanny for your child, you will be asked twice as much as the housekeepers in the other states. Your son is the rich son who lives in the Valley of Technology.

Traditional companies

Although we hear a lot about the splendor of working in Silicon Valley, companies that give a lot of features to their staff such as Google, Facebook and many other companies, the truth is very different from this scene. Most of the tech companies are slow-growing companies driven by one person who thinks they are the hub of the world like most companies in most parts of the world, but the only difference between them and the companies we work in is that they work in the provision of almost high-quality electronic services, Both high quality and low quality.

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The meetings are useless, the manager, who does not listen to one of his employees and makes his own decisions, is all in the company’s technical companies as they are in various companies. So, stop blaming the company you’re working on and calling them damn qualities, as they are like other companies.

Much poverty

Let me tell you poverty will not end of this world as long as there is a person who breathes and lives, human nature will categorically refuse to donate that rich money for a handful of idiots as he thought.

Valley of Technology is no different in any way from this rule, despite the amount of richness of the wild in the region, this did not prevent the emergence of some impoverished areas, where the incidence of poverty is terrible, where you will find beside the main roads full of cars Ferrari, Porsche and other most expensive types of cars , Many poor people who carry garbage bags to search for what protects them from this terrible hunger.

False Advisors

Well, it seems that this is a universal phenomenon, everyone wants to advise you, everyone has more experience than you, everyone understands more than you, you are the only fool in the world who does not know anything about this wild world, you are the only child within a group of dinosaurs This great dinosaur thanks him and decided to teach you some of the skills.

The tech savants are so many that they are knocking on the door. As soon as they hear that a new company has opened its doors, they will be quick to present their career, which will certainly contain one of them who has great credit for making Google and Microsoft what they are now, Companies at the same time; in the hope that one of them will be the next entrant of this world.

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Of course do not take this seriously, so I’m just stupid , my friend, and I’m waiting for some geniuses to advice me about this article.

Many Accelerators

There are no more incubators in the Valley of Technology, which they claim will support, develop, manage and advertise your emerging company so that it becomes a stronger company in the Valley of Technology. There is nothing more than a lie. Most of these companies are the only ones. , And seek to make money from your company whether you benefited or the company is famous or not.

Few of them really care about your product and seek to develop startups, but few in the vast majority of these companies that the emerging company will only benefit by lying.

Males, males, lots of males

The most suitable solution for you is to travel to Silicon Valley. The number of females in this area is constantly decreasing and the number of males is at an astonishing height.

Do not ask why. Why is a young woman living in a male society obsessed with technology, money and computers, and she barely understands anything from her computer except to lose her account on Facebook?

If you’re going to get married, the tech club is not the place to look for the lucky woman, go anywhere in the world except for that feminine-free spot.

PS: Speak here about the vast majority and not to generalize in any way, we have not forgotten Marissa Mayer yet !!

fear of failure

How do you fail when you live in the Silicon Valley where success is your ally even if you are the dumbest person on earth?

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Despite the millions of tips that great entrepreneurs mention about the importance of failure and their role in reaching this stage, but these tips seem to be in vain in the Valley of Technology and the laws are also reflected, you have to learn success before you learn failure, and you have to rise before you fall .

Wild competition

I do not know if we can consider the big competition in the Silicon Valley as one of the downsides of the valley. Although it opens the way for the best only to rise and continue, it prevents many bold and time-consuming thinkers from being able to keep silent and keep their own thoughts.

Silicon Valley does not have a lot of time for you, you just have to act and you’ll just be smashed and cut apart before you think about what to do next.

Age discrimination

It is as follows: Why would the entrepreneur who created his startup company recently hire an experienced programmer and married with a number of forty-five-year-olds, while that fast-paced young man would have the only 20-year-old learner?

In addition, if the entrepreneur agrees to employ that “sheikh,” most workers simply refuse to work with him. He is the father to them, does not understand their jokes, and does not have the flexibility to work.

The problem has great social and moral dimensions. We can not discuss it in a small paragraph, but much now is in the Silicon Valley.


Despite all of these points mentioned above, Silicon Valley remains among the best places for tech lovers and advice providers, and everyone who likes this machine who read this article at this moment. Tell us what you found in your view the worst of these points mentioned above.


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