Have a job interview? Prepare for it with 4 steps

Have a job interview Prepare for it with 4 steps
Have a job interview Prepare for it with 4 steps

If you were recently chosen as an interview, let me start by congratulating you first. This means that you have already passed the first step towards the candidate job, the step to apply for your resume.

Which has often given a good impression to hiring officials, so you have been invited to do this interview with a number of other CVs to compete in a smaller but certainly tougher circle, competing with candidates just like you who have spent hours developing their resume.

At this moment you have to prepare and equip yourself well, spend some time and effort so as not to lose the opportunity to get this job, and you get a professional interview.

I know very well that the purpose of the interview is to make a distinction between individuals applying for the vacant position in order to achieve the compatibility of the requirements and duties of the job, and the qualifications and characteristics of persons applying for employment, in other words to reach the right person in the right position.

Here are some of the four steps to consider before doing a job interview:

1. Search for company information

As a job candidate, you must collect information about the nature of the company you are applying for. This will help you answer the interviewer’s questions, give a good impression, and feel comfortable during the interview. So, try to read well about the company you will be going to interview to work with to be aware of the nature of its work, and you can do so by:

  • Visit the company’s website well in advance of the interview for information about the company’s founding date, its vision and general objectives, the services and products it offers, the category you are targeting, the company’s divisions, and especially the section you are seeking to join.
  • See any news published about the company in newspapers.
  • Good review of the available job opportunity, which has been submitted for the job, and knowledge of job description.
  • Prepare the questions you would like to know about the company. To ask about during the interview.
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2 – Identify your skills and qualifications appropriate to the requirements of filling the job

You should then compare your skills and competencies with the job requirements by evaluating your skills well and comparing them to the job needs and requirements of the company by analyzing the job description and dividing it into a list of skills and abilities, and the expertise required by that job.

3 – training on interviews

Be prepared to provide the necessary explanation of your qualifications for work, answers to traditional questions in your field, and pre-preparation. Therefore, you have to take some time to think and research certain questions, and how to answer them positively reflect your skills and competencies. Then apply this in advance by playing roles with your friend, or in front of the mirror at home.

4. Good preparation for your appearance

Take care of your appearance and clothes, because it is a great factor in the success of the interview, reflecting the way you think, your awareness, your interest and your sense of responsibility. So, attention to detail may attract the attention of many employers and corporate recruitment officers.

  • Choose the right clothes and be stylish. You should wear slightly better clothes than you do every day. Your clothes do not have to be new or fashionable, but they should be clean and tidy.
  • Be sure to choose a uniform with a suitable color (black – gray – blue) and a white shirt, and avoid the colors that flash. For women, you should not overuse cosmetics.
  • The shoe must be officially shiny and clean, the nails must be clean and tidy.Prepare clean copies of your CV papers required for this job such as: certificates, certificates of experience, and take more than one copy of these papers.
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Appearing well and professionally choosing the right outfit, bringing all the tools you may need during the interview gives a good impression.

Finally, you should know that two interviews may be conducted instead of one interview, the first to select the best candidates or 3 candidates, and then a second interview; to pick the best candidate among them.


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