Incognito Mode on Google Chrome is not as secret as you think

Incognito Mode on Google Chrome is not as secret as you think
Incognito Mode on Google Chrome is not as secret as you think

Internet browsers, especially Google Chrome, are constantly emphasizing their ability to ensure the safety and confidentiality of the user, so we rely on the use of the hidden mode Incognito Mode in the Google Chrome browser thinking that it guarantees us complete confidentiality and integrated protection during our surfing the Internet, but this seems to be fixed in the minds Some of us need to review, especially after the statement by “Darren Fisher” one of the developers working in Google’s famous browser.

In his statement to Thrillist, Fischer revealed that the hidden situation in Google Chrome is not as hidden as it is. Fisher said that although the use of Incognito Mode is still very useful, it is not enough to protect you from seeing your superiors What you do for example.

Google Incognito Mode only pauses the process of recording your browsing activity, which includes browsing history and search terms on search engines and other browsing activities, but ensuring full protection and confidentiality actually depends on the sites you visit. Sites that do not start with https on For example, it is not adequately protected, and your network’s service providers and network administrators can still see your activity on your browser.

Sites that start with https provide significantly better protection, although not enough for those seeking complete security and protection. Some countries require Internet service providers to register certain users’ activities according to the law, which applies to this type of site, although these sites will not You record your messages and data, but they record access timings and open the browser and sites you have visited, even using the security settings provided by Internet browsers.

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What is Incognito Mode Importance Then?

The real benefit is protecting the user from the history of browsing on a computer or smartphone, as well as providing powerful protection against ad companies that follow your online steps, hackers, and, to a certain extent, service providers and corporate providers.

The Magic solution remains for more security and protection while browsing the Internet using VPN services provided by multiple sites, applications and specialized browsers such as: Tor Browser.


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