A little greed sometimes useful!

A little greed sometimes useful!
A little greed sometimes useful!

As soon as I graduated from college, I became more interested in the science of “marketing” which I considered a kind of art. And started at the same time working within a team of 3 individuals responsible for marketing and selling in a new company at the time ..

My attempts at excellence in work, along with my monthly goal, led me to try to apply some of what I read about marketing – which includes sales – within my field of work. I was on a date with a blog post by a famous Egyptian blogger whose summary was how you can benefit from a little greed for success in work and life in general, by making more “effort” and effort in the field you are interested in.

The greed that is meant here is of the kind that is benign, not harmful. Greed in more of your wasted time, greed in a little of your extra effort, greed does not hurt but quite the opposite, comes back to you positively and fruitfully ..

The plan of action was normally designed and required us to make regular, almost daily visits to form a permanent customer base from the target market. I applied my understanding of greed while making a list of clients from scratch. 30 – 60 additional minutes by a visit or two at most for a target customer ..

The plan was very successful for me at the time, and day after day I began to notice that over 70% of my sales have been achieved by the clients I was working on in my spare time .. This was the first successful application I practice myself very concrete ..

What I have learned from this experience and confirmed to me after more than once in different areas, perseverance and determination and a little extra effort has a very high return .. This method or method is applicable in most areas of our interest today and you can formulate it as you like .. You need to learn a new language, practice a profession or work that will have a great impact on the final outcome.

Do not say that I will be limited to work time, study, practice or practice my favorite hobbies because you will not exceed the “normal and average” rank, which does not help much to excel and merit.


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