What did the Social Media do: The new collective mind!

what social media did
what social media did

Let me tell you at the beginning, we all know the effect of the collective mind on our life, it moves us like a puppet thread in his fingers. In the past, society was the one who controlled our minds on its own. Today, however, a new friend, the Social Media, became the new collective mind. If we look well, we will realize that the Social Media around us is very similar. In this article, I will mention some of the mental problems we have .. I hope you accept my style, and welcome to a dialogue of constructive construction ..

The first problem: the charge to be deep

Yes, being deep means that you will be ridiculed for her endless ridicule. You will find comments and publications trying to tell you that you are committing a crime, but let me ask: What is the problem with being deep, you are not deep? Was not Newton deep when an apple inspired him with gravity? Did Archimedes not be so deep when the bathtub inspired him by the buoyancy law? Saramago was not so deep when he was inspired by his presence among the people in a restaurant with his blind novel, when he asked himself: What if people were blinded? Was not Robbins’ mile deep when a NASA rocket inspired her with a five-second rule? How many superficial did he see those funny things and did not notice them?

Believe me, when we make it a charge, we will make ourselves a generation afraid of cowardice to express itself in the way it wants. And do not forget this saying from now: has nothing but the one who did not deepen anything – Emile Cioran.

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The second problem: the bombing of the fronts, and the defense of triviality

We no longer care about understanding first and then reply. This problem I saw impact on some people, one of them argued in one of the topics, and before I complete and tell him that what I say science, he said it is just a point of view. And believe me, there is another who has argued me and this has told him something else scientific, did not care and said: Science is changing. I think this mentality only needs to stop responding quickly, and calm down to understand a bit. All the users of Touch Media now see an idea called “front shell” and I see what is really provocative. They are worthless responses, and only come out of the mouths quick reply do not understand. For example, one of them advises the other to have some rationality. Those who are interested in bombing the front comment that rationalism did not make him minister of culture or that he does not exist on the Sochal Media to end his doctorate or comment: I care about rationality and let me be in my ignorance. Do you necessarily, when you are rational, become minister of culture? Or finish your doctorate? Is it necessary, when rational, to stop being trivial? Be clear and say as our last companion: Let me be in my vanity. But I say to them: Be rational and know when to be trivial, better than being trifling do not know when to be rational.

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The third problem: Everything has become fashionable

To read to Dostovski, this is fashion. To listen to Fairuz and drink coffee, this is fashion. To visualize yourself with your favorite book is also fashionable. To write is also the biggest fashion. Let me ask exactly what you want? To stop reading Dostoevsky, listen to Fairuz, drink coffee, photograph ourselves with our favorite books, and write? Or do we refrain from telling you that we are doing this? I think that in your intentions you do not like not to care about valuable art, and I think you also have no serious and real reason to think of fashion.

I hear some say that the problem is that they are demonstrating in depth, pretending to care about Dstovski, etc. But I say: What is the problem? Perhaps he imitates an educated person. Perhaps if we leave him, he will become a habit of him and continue, and all of us at the beginning we started from one point.

The fourth problem: Sharing ideas has become naive

Let us first differentiate between thought and institution. Any person may read and write in medicine, but he is not entitled to practice it. In addition, the sharing of ideas is well known throughout the world. George Bernard Shaw and Abbas Akkad told me what their university majors were. Salamah Musa Did not study rights? But each inspired his broad culture and inspirational ideas in many disciplines. Let us share our thoughts, do not be guardians of us, encourage us, advise us to read some books, and tell us what we lack of information, rather than destroy us.

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last word..

I think that the reason we do not support the failure to succeed, and that we fight the successful to fail, is something that has instilled in us since our childhood .. It has psychological reasons, I do not know what it really is, but if we watch our actions, you find it really devastating. As if it were the theory that Eric Fromm talked about, that those who love death are destroyed, and those who love life are constructive. Are we really so? We think we love life, but in fact we love death, and here are the results? This is a question that needs deep reflection, and perhaps another article.

Finally, are these all the problems I see in the “new collective mind”? No, there are other problems. Optimism is exaggerated, we have to be realistic, and I think it is not an important argument, and they should read the second problem again, because the optimists already know their circumstances better than you, and perhaps optimism is their only weapon against their pain. To continue life. As for the other problems, the reader lets you tell me.


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