How to become famous on social networking sites in simple steps

become famous on social networking sites
become famous on social networking sites

Let us first agree on the definition of the word coach, and how it differs from Life Couch … which in my opinion is the person who provides life skills to people in different areas that may be related to business management or human resources or personal strategic plans or even communication skills … etc. of different subjects.

The problem is when the coach is competent with everything you mentioned earlier! Which is already happening in a way I do not understand at all, life skills, personal problems, family crises, management skills and selling … I mean as we say (Chinese bowl)! Is it really possible for a natural supernatural person to combine all these skills and become competent and able to train others on them?

Away from the courses that give you some keys that qualify you to be familiar with some of the topics that interest you and do not learn in the university, put a thousand lines under the word (keys) because it is impossible to learn everything on one subject during thirty hours of training but take some basic things Which helps you start and develop your own skills.

Through my own experience in the subject, I admit that the active learning session and the skills and impact course were very useful for me in my career as a teacher, but I also know that if I did not do what I was doing and developed and learn from my mistakes that I faced I would not benefit from it, The coach gave himself the right to speak on any social, political, religious, moral, and personal issues, and to make them indirectly adopt his point of view. These are very sensitive subjects that need much research and knowledge. In publishing this The quality of the people and their fame and became their Mjeenhm and Mtabaanhm who agree to every word they say.

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I will guide you through some of the steps you can take to become one of those famous …

1. Make a group or page of your own

The first step is to create your own Facebook group or a page on your behalf and name it (the coach …) or if you have some imagination or the ability to create your own name, this is better for you.

2. Start by putting a lot of exercises

Add a lot of friends on the page and start putting a lot of morning leaflets like the morning of happiness … Morning optimism … Your day happy … How do you spend your day? With a picture of a cup of coffee or a Nescafe with roses or a natural landscape … and start adding leaflets in which the followers are asked very specific questions or superficial quotations of the famous books and better if they were from the novel (the rules of the love of the forty) or the novels of Paulo Coelho or Ibrahim al-Fiki … Do not forget to put a lot of quotations and ratios to Einstein or Shakespeare … It is important to make them colloquial circulation to attract the largest possible segment of people.

3 – approached the red lines in the subjects

It is very important to open discussions and dialogues on the page and start with simple topics and then go to sensitive topics indirectly and preferably if you talked about religious or political issues, or dealt with the social issues thorny (gay and homeless …), spoke in everything even those that do not know For anything, religion, politics, science, education and every sensitive issue have your own opinion.

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4. End any comment or discussion with the words (this is a view)

It is best not to be biased towards any party or party and to present all the different opinions, even if they are contradictory, to show the public that you are a tolerant and co-existent person and accept all viewpoints and opinions, no matter how strange or unethical and ethical. If you want to win more, Criticized it and showed how inappropriate it is to the age and development that we have come to.

5 – Lots of love and positive energy

Between each word and word put one of the derivatives of the act of love or the word of positive energy, even if it has nothing to do with it, and it is better if you put a lot of imusions in the context of speech with lots of colored hearts.

Pretend calm even if you want to smash the head of the person opposite you and tell him that you accept his point of view and that discussion loving and friendly and that the difference does not spoil the friendliness of the case.

Speak a lot about the positive energy and dissemination and any person asks any question I advise him to improve his energy and get rid of negative ideas and put the blame on his passivity and lack of faith in himself and his dreams and what he wants to achieve and spread love and optimism among people to feel this is so … Repeatedly the importance of love of self and self and accept No. Its disadvantages and not to underestimate the capabilities whatever it is and the importance of (liberating the genius inside you).

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6 – Live to appear on your page every period and filming a simple simple videos

Recent updates on Facebook have been a strong supporter of this type of page as live streaming on the page and posting of short videos greatly increases the number of subscribers on the page, making their spread wider and more, which helps to spread the ideas or the person himself and increase his fame.

The video does not have to be professionally recorded or talking about an important subject. The wide-ranging appearance, the smile and the spontaneous demonstration are the most important in this case … The followers no longer care that the meaning is as strong as taking a fast meal that may be more harmful than useful.

7 – a lot of events and discussions on them

Lectures, training workshops on the ground, discussions on Facebook, group readings of books, and if it is controversial books contain a lot of vague words that can be dropped on anything or Tbilisi any belief, even famous novels if not important … Do not forget to photograph each What you mentioned and put it on the page.

8. Finally … be optimistic

Do not forget whatever life grinds us, and the material and moral things are bad and whatever your emotional life failed to appear as optimistic and successful, which looks at the full part of the cup and that life is rosy and things are wonderful and everything goes well …


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