From Elon Musk for Youth and Aspirations: Skills are more important than testimonials

From Elon Mask for Youth and Aspirations: Skills are more important than testimonials
From Elon Mask for Youth and Aspirations: Skills are more important than testimonials

If you have a distinguished degree from a good university, this may be the most important thing that happens to you in life, especially if you are from an environment that believes in the importance of achieving high grades.

In fact, from the first moment in the study, from kindergarten to the next stages, it is prepared to enter a certain university, and the maximum ambition for him and his parents is to obtain a degree from this university.

But for Elon Musk, a world-renowned entrepreneur, he believes that this has changed for the time being, which is something that young people who want to achieve high grades must always know, as well as those responsible for recruitment who are always looking for these young people.

In 2014, during an interview with him, Elon Musk was asked: What is the university degree he is looking for in the CV of the candidates to work with?

He replied that despite the university degrees give a good look at candidates for work, but of course it is not proof that the person will achieve high achievements. Which makes him ignore this point from the ground up.

About the obsession of scientific degrees!

Looking at the list of the best in the history of technology, such as Bill Gates, Larry Ellison and Steve Jobs, we will find that they failed to graduate from the foundation, which shows us how the correlation between success and greatness with degrees is not necessary, especially if we speak On the technical side.

This is not only about these geniuses, but given recent job analysis, to avoid having to waste time reading a large number of CVs, they ask for a degree to help them reduce the number of potential job candidates.

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Given their previous positions in the company, they did not have high grades, yet their work efficiency was outstanding.

According to this analysis, the current certificate-based liquidation procedure makes the cost greater for the company.

How do you succeed without a degree?

Prequalification recipe for recruitment managers is very simple: Use the scientific certificate as a means of reducing the list of individuals, and to ensure time saving. But in fact expensive, and may miss the company the opportunity to get more talented individuals have been excluded because of the degree.

Following the publication of this interview with Elon Musk, AngelList included it in their newsletter, with the addition of an important observation that, according to Elon Musk, the principle of academic university degrees, this should be an alert to the students not to focus solely on obtaining a university degree, In this case they do not focus on what is most important, namely acquiring skills and developing them during their careers.

Naval Ravikant, co-founder of AngelList, suggested three tips for those who read the newsletter:

Choosing what you teach and how you do it, is more important than thinking about the place and duration of your study.
The best teachers are on the web, as are the best books and peers that are there.
Learning is widely available, but the desire to learn is rare.
So now stop wasting real learning opportunities. Getting a certificate is fun and useful, but this paper is not everything, not even the end for you.

The real prize in life is not the title that is put before your name, but the ability to achieve wonderful things. The study is not what is required to achieve this, but passion.


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