Already proven … Face ID technology is not a breakthrough stopper as Apple claimed

Already proven ... Face ID technology is not a breakthrough stopper as Apple claimed
Already proven ... Face ID technology is not a breakthrough stopper as Apple claimed

Apple IPhone X Face Id

When Apple announced its new phone for the new iPhone X , subscribers were surprised that the US company has removed the main button of the main screen of the phone, which was the main security method in the iPhone phones in various versions, has been compensated by the new technology Face ID, It is a leading technology that works with a depth sensor inside the front camera of the phone. This sensor scans the user’s face and matches the copy stored in the phone. This technology is used to unlock the phone or to pay through the Apple pay feature. What boast Apple has the difficulty of circumventing the means of securing its phones, and this time confirms that Face ID technology is the strongest and most compact means as it claims.

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But it seems Apple’s assertion was not strong enough to withstand what Bkav, the Vietnamese cyber security firm, managed to circumvent the face-to-face technology of Face ID by building a mask based on three-dimensional and 2D printing and some manual labor, The company has only $ 150 in total, the company said on its official website.

The company has posted a video on YouTube, showing one of its creators trying to trick Face ID through a mask that was built similar to his face by using only half the details of the face, as seen in the video. The mask actually fooled the iPhone X from the first attempt.

If you spoof a phone for iPhone X and its new Face ID technology that is expected to be available on all next-generation iPhone phones starting next year, does that cause concern?

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Certainly this calls for concern if the user is among the possible target of their personal phone, such as: public figures or government or celebrities and others, these phones may contain information and secrets that may pay someone to cost the burden of making a mask like that made by Bkav, which Ordinary users put us in a relatively secure range.

But regardless of which phones deserve penetration in such a way, the Vietnamese company’s experience confirms that Face ID and other similar technologies are no safer than the fingerprint scanning technology used in other smartphones, contrary to Apple’s assertion that This technique is the most powerful, safest alternative to fingerprint scanning.

It is noteworthy that a number of reports have indicated that Samsung is working on the development of similar technology in the phones coming in 2018, and engineers are also developing Facebook technology itself.

What do you think dear reader … Do you think that Face ID is the safest way to protect your phones?


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