Linux controls … The selected operating system for all the computers in the world

Linux controls The selected operating system for all the computers in the world
Linux controls The selected operating system for all the computers in the world

Far from the conflict between the Microsoft Windows operating system and the Mac operating system for Apple’s various computers, the Linux operating system is a very important place in the world of operating systems, especially on the range of specialized users and high-speed complex computer hardware, Linux operating system is lonely and alone on top.
According to the TOP500 site, which publishes an annual text report on the world’s most powerful supercomputers, the Linux operating system is not only strong, but also has full control of the site’s list of the most powerful supercomputers from around the world.

In the list launched by the site for the month of November, the Linux operating system accounts for 100 percent of the mentioned computers, which means that 100 percent of the computers chosen by the site are different versions of various distributions of the Linux operating system, and these numbers are no surprise in any way, But only confirms that the dominance of Linux on these computers have become absolutely without competition, since 2010, Linux accounted for 91 percent of these computers according to the site OMGUbuntu, and reached 99.6 percent on the list of TOP500 last June.

Because of the Linux versions and distributions of these supercomputers, we find that most of them work with distributions we have never heard of, and are very different from those known distributions that we can load through any of the known sites, but some work with such distributions. RedHat CentOS, 20 computers running RedHat Enterprise Linux, and two computers running only the popular Ubuntu distribution.

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The TOP500 project was launched in 1993 to identify the most powerful supercomputers operating around the world. The project identifies these devices according to their ability to solve a complex set of complex linear equations based on a set of matrices, which means that any computer can Enter this list as long as you can solve these equations as soon as possible.
According to the latest list released in November, the Sunway TaihuLight computer in China is the fastest supercomputer currently in the world, and this huge computer employs more than 650,000 processors, a speed of 93 petaflops, a unit to measure the speed of supercomputers, One million laptops are combined, and the computer uses a special version of the Linux operating system called Sunway RaiseOS.

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