$ 25 billion sales of Alibaba website in just one day!

$ 25 billion sales of Alibaba website in just one day!
$ 25 billion sales of Alibaba website in just one day!

As the world awaits Black Friday’s November 24 cuts, during which the world’s largest real and virtual world stores are offering huge and unprecedented discounts, China already enjoyed its black collection, and Alibaba’s Chinese retail site, Which is approaching double the daily sales of Black Friday and CyberMunday in the United States in 2016.

Alibaba, during the Day of Singles Day, the day against China’s Black Friday, was able to achieve sales of $ 25.3 billion, up 40 percent on the same day last year. The site generated sales of $ 18 billion in 12 hours Only, while achieving the same figure over a full day at the celebration last year.

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The figures show that sales of Alibaba during the Chinese singles day almost double that of the United States Thanksgiving Day sales, known as the Black Friday and the CyberMunday 2016 combined. According to the CNBC report, China, which reflects remarkable economic growth surpassing the US.

On November 11 each year, the singles day is one of the traditional Chinese holidays, but since 2009, Alibaba has been able to convert the Chinese version of black Friday to become the main day of discounts in China. Of discounts and offers that include all sections of the site ranging from clothes and personal products, to home appliances and electronic, in addition to some of the Western offers that wanted to Alibaba site to add the spirit of celibacy on the day, such as offer to get a drink for life for a lifetime financial Yizzy D about 1600 USD.

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The founder of the Alibaba website “Jack Ma” celebrated the launch of the singles day in China, attended by celebrities such as singer Farrell Willems, Hollywood star Nicole Kidman and tennis champion Maria Sharapova. As well as 3 Chinese TV channels.

Away from the day of Chinese cuts … Are you ready for black Friday cuts? What do you plan to buy during the day?


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