Can these universities achieve your dream of wealth?

Can these universities achieve your dream of wealth?
Can these universities achieve your dream of wealth?

Can your studies at a particular university or specialty be your wealth? The sure answer is yes. According to the Times best-of-money rankings, your affiliation with a particular university may pave the way for success and wealth. In its list of 500 richest executives, the diversity of disciplines is clear, and success is not limited to a particular area. Some have studied economics, psychology, engineering, history, geology. But is success confined to university graduates only?

The list includes 121 executives who have not finished their university education, including Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO and Rex W. Trilson, Exxon Mobil’s executive director. Degrees vary widely and are dominated by MBA .

Here are the ten universities to which the richest graduates belong, according to the S & P Global rating of Forbes magazine. Universities ranked by number of graduates.

University of Miami

Many of the managers on the list went to this liberal university, and the surprise is that the numbers of graduates of this university are like the numbers of well-known college graduates like Yale and MIT. Students and graduates of the University of Miami believe that the university is studying intensive liberal curricula, which later prepares students for all the challenges they may face. Also featured at the University of Miami is that it is the only university in the top ten graduating from many women executives.

Stanford University

When naming the world’s leading universities, Stanford always finds its name among the first, if not the first, of the highly selective university that seems to excel its graduates in everything: computer science, economics, arts, sports, university research, and postgraduate programs. The 500 richest countries reflect the diversity of their educational programs and their strength, from banking to health, to pharmaceutical industries.

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Princeton University

Join Princeton and the odds are high that you will be next to a name that will become famous in the coming years, in the White House Supreme Court, or on television.

University of Wisconsin-Madison

With its strong engineering and trade programs, and a reputation as one of the best leading universities in the United States, it is not surprising to find it as one of the top three government universities to enter this list.

University of Notre Dame – Indiana

Because of its strong business and law programs, the University of Notre Dame has always been named among the top universities that graduate high-level corporate leaders.

American Military Academy

Military curricula are specifically designed to qualify military commanders, so it is no wonder that I saw these military graduates translate what they have learned into the corporate world.

University of Texas A & M

Graduates of the University of Texas like to talk about the relationships they share with the fellowship, or distinguished graduates from the university, and how this network of relationships is formed, which is reflected in the leaders of the 500 richest people, some of whom support the university by donating, How the university prepared them for that position.

Pennsylvania State University

With more than 40,000 graduates, Penn State University is the top ten on the list.

Cornell University

The list of Cornell University graduates in the “500th richest” highlights its distinction in the fields of engineering and the distinction of its programs in the labor and industrial aspects, which is one of the very few universities that offer vocational and industrial bachelor programs.

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Harvard university

The most famous American universities, the most famous university , and the cup goes on this list, where graduates occupy a large number of the list of the 500 richest, especially MBA graduates of them.


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